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Driving Data to Seamless Experiences

Comprehensive Connectivity

We specialize in providing comprehensive connectivity solutions that enhance fan experiences, optimize production workflows, and facilitate seamless communication throughout your event. Our solutions include fan-facing WiFi, production IT, ticketing and vendor connectivity, VoIP and hardwired drops, and other critical production needs.

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Connectivity for All

AudioRent Clair deploys portable networks capable of connecting tens of thousands of event users, providing an excellent WiFi experience for all. We can engage the audience with custom captive portals. We generate reports on collected data, such as upload/download info, continuous connections, and traffic timelines.

The Backbone of Every Event

The internet in the production office, the dressing room connectivity, VoIP phones, printers, and hardwired drops are all requirements of high-quality production IT. Our professional IT services also include support for RFID verification, sponsorship activations, CCTV, and cashless purchasing, spanning each event site.

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