High-Level Fan Engagement

(You Can Get) Satisfaction

We go where the applause goes. Whether your festival is in a desert, inside a casino, or on acres of rolling farmland, AudioRent Clair’s years of experience, combined with our passion for quality, service, and technology, enables us to successfully handle all of the complex technical aspects of your production.

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Unparalleled Tech Solutions

We deliver production services, portable connection services, including fan-facing WiFi,production IT, ticketing and vendor connectivity, and sound reinforcement systems, as well as lighting and video systems. Our decades of touring experience and services provided for music, sports, and corporate events for production needs are proof of our passion for fan engagement and data collection.

Fan-Forward and Fantastic

Evaluating client feedback and ideas provides ripe opportunities to push boundaries. Every WiFi deployment allows clients a window to deliver exciting, innovative elements to the fans. We’re wholly committed to researching and innovating based on those needs in service of exceeding fan expectations.

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