We strive to exceed expectations through integrity, innovation, attention to detail, and unyielding customer service worldwide.
That’s how we define service. Focused and forward-looking, we accompany you through every aspect of your event.

We exclusively provide "top of the line" products that meet our internal quality standards which meet or exceed all valid national and European regulations and codes.
All departments are staffed with proven specialists with a "can do" attitude.

We draw our vast experience from more than 100,000 supported events for thousands of customers. We are happy to share this knowledge with you in order to contribute to the success of your event.



Our extensive inventory consists of the leading products in entertainment technology. We only provide world-class products which are meticulously maintained and tested before each production, down to the last cable.

Do not hesitate to ask us if we carry certain products.  There’s good chance we have what you are looking for, and if we don’t we will find it.


IT Solutions

With our state-of-the-art IT infrastructure solutions, we ensure the highest possible availability of connectivity at your event. We have custom-developed most of components in our systems in order to guarantee fast installation and maximum operational reliability. The applications range from the temporary connection of POS / POI systems (e.g. access control, cashless points at festivals, interactive exhibits, the supply of large areas with high visitor density via WIFI (public or fan facing WIFI, congress WIFI, conference WIFI),  the connection of expert teams to your locations during general meetings or webcasts or live streams. We are also happy to document the anonymized user behavior within the framework of legal requirements and make it available for you. The resulting added value enables you to adapt the respective marketing measures to the user behavior to implement a more specific approach to your target audience.



Planning & Design

Successful events require structured and documented planning. This is our strength.

After a successful basic evaluation (we happily host you at our offices for a personal meeting), we accompany you as your partner through each phase of service.  We guide you through all necessary staffing, preparation, logistics and rigging requirements to ensure the safe installation of your event on-site, while providing you with updated cost revisions at every step to help you stay on budget.

Our decades of experience avoid unnecessary iterations but offer you practical solutions for your challenges - always transparent and on time.




We are happy to assist you with the creative design of your event. Our creative services include lighting design, stage design and the creation of event-specific content, visual and audible, in order to present your presentations to your customers and guests as effectively and effectively as possible.

"The genius is the error in the system"
-- Paul Klee, born Swiss

We surround ourselves with the top professionals in live event design and technology. Depending on your event’s parameters, we consult external specialists in order to bring you the best as we aim to exceed your expectations.

Mieten Miete Rental Rent Service
1. Line-Array Clair Global CO-12, CO-10, CO-8
2. Point Source Speaker Clair Global CP-6, P-2, FF-2, 12AM, CM-22, CM-14
3. Subwoofer Clair Global CP-218, CP-118
4. Spezial Lautsprecher K-Array Pinnacle KK-202 Special Speakers
5. Studio Monitore Genelec, Klein + Hummel, Yamaha Ns-10
6. Mischpulte Desks Consoles
1. Avid S6L, S3L, Profile, SC48
2. Digico SD7, SD7 Quantum, SD5, SD10, SD8, SD9, SD11i, SD11B, SD rack
3. Midas Pro X, Pro 6, Pro 2, Pro 2c
4. SSL 550, 500+
5. Yamaha Rivage PM10, PM7, PM5D, CL5, QL5, QL1
7. Drahtlose Mikrofone Wireless Microphones
1. Shure Axient Digital
2. Shure R-Serie
3. Shure ULX-D
4. Sennheiser 2000 Serie Series
5. Sennheiser 6000 Digital
6. Sennheiser 9000 Digital
6. In Ear Monitoring
1. Shure PSM 1000
2. Sennheiser 2000 Serie Series
7. Pro Tools Recording Systeme Systems

Kommunikation: Communication
1. Funkgeräte Motorola Radio
2. Intercom ASL, Free Speak II, ClearCom
3. Touring Racks

Beleuchtung Lighting
1. Mischpulte Desks
1. Grand MA 2
2. Grand MA 2 light
3. Grand MA 2 on PC
4. Hog 4
2. Fixtures
1. Atomic 3000 LED strobe
2. GLP JDC-1
3. Martin Mac Viper
4. High End Systems Sola Spot
5. Vari Lite VL3500
6. Follow Spots
7. JB Sparx 10

1. Motoren Motors Chain Hoists
1. CM Lodestar 2t, 1t, 0.5t D8 D8+
2. Motorsteuerungen Motor Control Controller
2. Traversen Truss
Eurotruss Prolyte Thomas JThomaseng Milos Slick
1. FD 34 silber / schwarz silver black
2. PRT container Truss schwarz black
3. Hebebühnen, Cherry Picker Scissor Lifts Genie Personal Lift

Video Technik
1. LED Wände Walls
2. Projektoren Projectors
3. Leinwände Screens
4. Medienserver Media Servers
5. Kamerasysteme HD Camera Systems
6. Recording
7. Präsentation Laptop Presentation Laptops PowerPoint Webcast

IT Infrastruktur Infrastucture
1. Glasfaser Kabel Neutrik Optical Con Duo, Quad, Tactical Fiber ST SC LC SFP SFP+ DAC Router Switch Cisco Catalyst 9300 Netonix UBNT
2. LWL Umsetzer Media Converter
3. Access Points
4. Drucker Printers