Online Training Resources

In times of being forced to not be on the road, it’s probably a good idea to keep yourself educated. Either by repetition or learning something new.
AudioRent Clair is always looking into keeping their staff educated at a high level and we like to share some online resources with you.

General AV Libraries

Full AVIXA Online Education Catalog Open to all until June 12th.
Create an account and get started here.

Smaart Operator Fundamentals Online: Introduction by Rational Acoustics
See Rational Acoustic’s YouTube channel


Dante Certification

For those looking to get more familiar with audio over IP, specifically the Dante protocol, Audinate has a well laid out certification course that can be found here: Dante Certification Program | Audinate | Dante AV Networking 13


Here is DiGiCo’s Youtube Channel

Networking & IT

There are lots of resources on the internet at our disposal for getting a better grasp on the world on networking. Professor Messer has a free video course that is tailored to the CompTIA Network+ certification, but the concepts can be applied anywhere. The videos can be found here: 4

Even if you only have a few minutes the following three are well worth the watch:
Introduction to IP 2
Network Switching Overview 1
Network Topologies

Cisco Training Academy

Clair Global is a Select Cisco Partner and is now set up as a Networking Academy.  It is a good source to begin learning some networking techniques. Online content is available here.
Contact us to be registered as a student.
Please include your name, your email address and a short info of your vita.
We will then register you as a student with Cisco and you will then receive an email from Cisco to activate your account.
Since this process is not automated, please allow us a couple of days processing time.
Thank you.

Cisco Networking Academy

Wireless & Show Comms

Providing complimentary courses and certification to those who are interested in learning more about Shure products.
Shure Audio Institute


RFvenue offers weekly free RF trainings here


Practical Show Tech is a live webcast about comms, rf, and audio. Inspired by the COVID-19 quarantine, we are making use of our social distancing time by sharing our knowledge of live show production through a series of live webcasts, covering topics like antenna systems, Bolreo, Clear-Com, CrewCom, Freespeak, Helixnet, IAS coordinating, Intracom Systems VCOM, LQ connections, Pliant, RF over fiber, Riedel, Systems interconnect – different platforms, Unity Intercom, Webcasting, Wireless Workbench


Our friends at ACT Lighting are offering free online courses for the console in the MALighting line until June 1st. The promo code is act4me
ACT Lighting Academy Online Courses 1

An extensive collection of lighting-related free learning resources can be found at LimeLightWired:

MA Lighting offers free webinars from Mar 30:

Free online tutorials from MA lighting can be found here:

grandMA2 tutorials and trainings can be found here:


Podcasts & Webcasts

Carsten Kümmel already has an online video series on mothergrid


ProSoundWeb’s Signal-to-Noise podcast General Page

Our friends and colleagues being featured: Chad Olech Howard Page Pooch Pete Erskine