Wir haben viele verschiedene Trainingsangebote im Januar 2023. Das d&b-Training ist mittlerweile leider ausgebucht.

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Training descriptions


An introduction to the full eco system of Cohesion. Topics to be covered include Clair design philosophy, acoustic design concept of Cohesion and Ease Focus acoustic prediction, Clair Lake session design, Lab.Gruppen deployment, system cabling, safe rigging of Cohesion systems and system optimisation.

d&b – SL Series Training

This three day workshop is an introduction to the loudspeakers and system parts of the SL-Series and their use in a working environment. The SL-Series mounting and rigging methods will be explained and exercised in practical parts. The simulation of SL-Series applications is explained. Participants are familiarized with further specific features such as ArrayProcessing with listening sessions. Three days of in-depth knowledge about efficient planning and efficient setup. Plenty of practical exercises will allow the attendee to incorporate this knowledge into the daily routine.


A two day workshop focusing on network design for the entertainment industry. This course will give a strong foundation to understand the OSI modal, configuring access points, QoS settings and much more, with a focus on Audio over IP protocols, network optimisation and rules of best practise. A must attend session for anyone who works with audio networks!


A two day service level session led by engineers from AVID. The session will focus on all technical elements of the platform including hardware servicing, redundant console mirroring, ProTools integration, Shared stage rack setup and hardware re-imaging/upgrading.


A one day course led by Yamaha engineers. This course will focus on technical deployment of the hardware elements of both CL and PM Rivage systems. Topics discussed will include complete system hardware overview,  console mirroring and redundancy, Rivage card options, Dante and console firmware updating and a detailed fault finding and field servicing session.


This one day session will focus on waves integration with AVID, DiGiCo and Yamaha consoles with detailed focus on correct system setup, redundant server setup, SuperRack deployment, DiGiCo SD7 redundant mirrored setup and licensing/installing of waves licensing with Waves Central.


This session directed by the support team at Wisycom will focus on a complete overview of current Wisycom products and their use in live event production. This session will also discuss Wisycoms remote fibre distribution systems and the unique hardware properties of the Wisycom ecosystem.


This one day course covers all aspects of working in the RF environment of current high demand live event productions. Topics will include best practises, RF planning theory and guidance, a hardware overview of Shure products and their deployment, and an in-depth trouble shooting and fault-finding session.

Smaart and System design.

This one day course directed by Clair Global system engineers is a great introduction to the use of Smaart for system optimisation, as well as an in depth look at the philosophy of system design, from initial planning through to on site deployment of systems with a focus on real world examples and challenges to be overcome. This is a non-manufacture specific course and will be applicable to a wide range of systems and venues.