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Sound Engineering


• ClairTM
• Kling & Freitag
• Digico
• Digidesign
• Yamaha
• Midas
• Shure
• Sennheiser
• und weitere

Our Brands

• Audio desk from 4 to 96 channels
• Digital audio networks
• Vocal and Speach microphones
• Instrument microphones
• Wireless microphones
• Headsets and clip microphones
• Playback
• Recording
• Stage monitoring
• InEar Monitoring
• Line Arrays for Big Events
• Conference Speakers
• Amp‘s
• Many Accessories

Our Products

A picture says more than a thousand words. Nevertheless, sound is the focal point at every event. Regardless of whether valuable business information, rock-music stage sound or special effects in the theater, your guests and visitors expect powerful sound and perfectly intelligible speech back to the rearmost row. Sound engineering is the original skill at AudioRent Clair and has been continuously developed further for 35 years. In the worldwide network of the Clair Global Group, stars such as U2, AC/DC, Elton John and many more rely on the unique service of Clair. AudioRent Clair AG is the European support base for 40% of the tours held in Europe.

We have an exclusive range of sound equipment with the ClairTM speaker systems. Systems of other manufacturers round out our product portfolio. It includes the entire bandwidth from micro-speakers for use with approx. 25 persons up to a large-scale line array system for tens of thousands of listeners. Based on a specific demand from the tour sector, we always carry the most modern mixers, microphones and peripheral devices.

You also benefit from the 35 years of experience of our sound engineers!