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Rigging & Stage Technology


• Eurotruss
• Expotruss
• Thomastruss
• Manfrotto
• Butec
• Liftket
• und weitere

Our Brands

• 30s-Truss
• 50s-Truss
• 60s-Truss
• Electric Chain Hoists ¼ to 2 Tons
• BGV-C1-Electric Chain Hoists
• Load Measuring cells
• Groundsupport
• Stands
• Special stands
• Stage podium
• Stage rail and stairs
• Stage molleton
• Backdrops
• Skirtings
• Lectern
• Committee table
• And much more

Our Products

“Rigging” denotes the totality of the aluminum and steel constructions, which serve to attach speaker, spotlights and projectors to a ceiling.

To ensure the installation of event technology on a hall roof securely and reliably, our engineering team works with the most modern equipment. The static conditions as well as point and line loads are calculated using specialized software in the planning phase. Our Rigging Area Manager coordinates and monitors the assembly work on site. Tools such as load measuring cells, which enable continuous monitoring of suspension points, give you give additional security.

AudioRent Clair has several kilometers of beams and far more than 300 electric chain hoists. Our maintenance staff have certified training to carry out motor tests independently. Our seals of approval are always up to date!

In the field of stage technology, we provide our customers with a comprehensive range of standard stage elements. For special constructions, stands and stage trucks, we can recommend one of our partners without reservations.