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Light Engineering


• Highend
• Varilite
• Martin
• Robe
• Expolite
• Clay Paky
• MA Lighting
• Avolites
• Transtechnik

Our Brands

• Profile Spotlights
• Fresnel Spotlights
• PAR- and Flood lights
• LED-Flood lights
• LED-Sticks
• Movinglights Spot
• Movinglights Beam
• Movinglights Wash
• Dimmerracks
• Switchpacks
• Light desk
• Skybeamer
• Followspots
• Fog
• Hazer
• and much more

Our Products

“Light is electromagnetic radiation within a certain portion of the electromagnetic spectrum” (Wikipedia, Dec. 2015).

This description appears somewhat too abstract to us as a passionate provider of lighting systems. In our words, light is the abstraction of darkness. Light creates ambiance and helps us to feel comfortable. Light enables us to recognize things or make them visible. We define and change a room, a scene or an object with light.

With a great variety of lighting fixtures that AudioRent Clair has in its assortment, we not only put stage activities into the right light, but also give your event the necessary shine and the right ambiance. Whether traditional PAR spotlights or the latest LED moving light, our experienced lighting specialists advise you in the staging of your event.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of colors, shapes and movements!