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Festivals & Openairs


Moon & Stars Locarno
Live at Sunset Zürich
Heineken Festival Italy
Gurtenfestival Bern
Open Air St. Gallen
Stars in Town Schaffhausen
Liestal Air
Summerstage Basel
Rock am Ring

Our Top Projects

Large venue PA • Projectors •
LED-Walls • Cameras • Show- and
Effectlight • Prerigging • Rigging •
Pyrotechnic • Specialeffects •
Backline • Staging • Kinetics • Wi-Fi

Our Products

Thousands of visitors, 35 degrees in the shade or pouring rain, five and more bands per day and stage, 30 minutes change-over and that all three to four days in a row: that’s how festivals are! Such high demands on equipment and staff are not found in any other area as at festivals. You as organizer want to be able to rely on the important technology part. AudioRent Clair has substantial experience nationally and internationally in the implementation of festivals of every size. Our equipment is designed physically, so that it can withstand even the harshest of conditions. Our experienced technicians can master even the highest demands, which work at a festival entails. We contribute a lot of know-how and enthusiasm from our 35 years of experience, including for your festival!