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Customer Events & Presentations


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Our Top Projects

Speach- and Show PA • DJ-Equipment •
Projections • LED-Walls • LCD Screens
Up to 98“ • Charts and Videoplayback •
Touchscreen and Interactiv •
Stagelighting • Ambientlighting •
Architectual lighting • Buffet- and
Cateringlighting • Objectlighting •
Goboprojection • Laser • Rigging •
Presentationcontrol • Speachtimer •
Themeworlds • Pyrotechnic • Staging •
Specialeffects • Wi-Fi • Kinetics

Our Products

Direct contact with your customers is important and promising. Take advantage of the opportunity of customer events, product presentations or information events to draw attention to yourself and your company professionally. This is not a matter of complicated special effects. It is a question of presenting content in good light and sharply, designing ambiance in line with your corporate identity and ensuring that spoken words are heard loud and clearly. Are you active internationally? No problem! With use of the latest simultaneous interpretation systems, we not only exclude linguistic misunderstandings, but also highlight the importance of your guests and customers. Video broadcasts, live streams and video recordings also support you in the publication and distribution of your event.